Council Member Keith Powers represents New York City’s Council District 4, covering the East Side of Manhattan and Midtown.


Keith was recognized as the top lawmaker in New York City in 2019 by City & State magazine and has been selected as a CUNY Lindsey Fellow and a NewDEAL Leader. 


During his time in the City Council, Keith has authored and passed 12 laws and introduced more than 40 bills, including legislation to:

  • Expand sexual harassment protections to employees in small businesses;

  • Mandate large city contractors to obey city whistleblower laws;

  • End parking placard abuse for city employees;

  • Require composting and recycling to every neighborhood;

  • Reduce the cost of renting an apartment, including during the pandemic;

  • Protect tenants against landlords that falsify documents;

  • Remove onerous fees and fines in the criminal justice system;

  • "Ban the box" and eliminate source of income discrimination in housing;

  • Improve the city's campaign finance system to make it easier to run for office. 

In the district, he has worked hard on important issues focused on the future of our community on the East Side:

  • Passed a historic affordable housing deal at Waterside Plaza that lowered rents by 30%; 

  • Advocated for rent relief for small businesses and independent theaters and venues throughout the COVID crisis;

  • Championed the historic 14th Street Busway;

  • Created a plan for essential storm protection for residents along the East River;

  • Funded the first dog run for Stuyvesant Town and Peter Cooper Village;

  • Fought for pedestrian and street safety, including closing the Second Avenue gap, a Sixth Avenue bike lane, pedestrianizing Rockefeller Center, and other street safety measures throughout the district;

  • Ended school admission practices that hurt parents and children.

Keith serves as the Chair of the Criminal Justice Committee in the City Council and sits on the Finance, Health, Economic Development, Contracts, Public Safety, Government Operations, and Oversight and Investigations Committees. He also Chairs the East Midtown Governing Group, which oversees public transportation improvements funded through East Midtown development.

He is a third-generation resident of Peter Cooper Village and Stuyvesant Town. Keith attended The CUNY Graduate Center and University of Dayton. 

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