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New Ideas for New York City

Growing up on the East Side, I have spent my entire life thinking about ways to improve our community. Now, running for City Council, I want to share with you some of my new ideas for New York. Take a look at my ideas and share your own below!
Public Education
  • Connect every high school—not just the specialized ones—to high-growth industries for after-school and summer internships.
  • Evaluate teachers based on what happens in the classroom, not on a standardized test.
  • End discriminatory admissions policies that hold back diversity.
  • Make sure that the East Side has enough Pre-K seats by requiring school space in new development.
  • Create a new agency dedicated to ages 0-3 to support early childhood education.
Affordable Housing
  • Create new housing for middle-class families with a 21st Century Mitchell-Lama program.
  • Help address homelessness by investing in a “Marshall Plan” for public housing.
  • Give communities the tools they need to better participate in city planning process (including protecting air, sunlight, and open space).
  • Assist seniors with rent by creating a new program modeled on SCRIE to cover more tenants.
  • Connect new development to surrounding infrastructure, such as school seats, transportation, and public space.
A More Vibrant City
  • Save neighborhood stores with tax reform, limits on big box expansion, and #shoplocal initiatives.
  • Expand IDNYC into a debit card that new New Yorkers can use, free from predatory bank fees.
  • Create a “People’s Way” to provide traffic-free options during the “L” train shutdown, including Select Bus Service.
  • Provide new incentives for those who recycle, including a "save-as-you-throw" program.
  • Fight climate change with innovative solutions for expanding renewable energy (Read my op-ed in Crain's on a new idea for expanding solar energy: Floating Solar Panels)
Reforming City Government
  • Get the pork barrel out of the city budget—support communities based on need and merit, not politics.
  • Lower campaign contribution limits and increase public funding to take big money out of politics.
  • Reform the Board of Elections by appointing commissioners based on qualifications, not political connections.
  • Real lobbying reform: limit bundling by lobbyists and politicians, expand restrictions on lobbying after leaving government, and increased disclosure for those doing business.
  • Improve our elections through better poll worker recruitment, instant runoff voting, and 
Read our Good Government report: "Sunlight in the City"
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