Keith Powers' Personal Pledge:

My "Sunlight in the City" report is aimed at ensuring transparency in government. For this reason, I have taken the personal pledge to provide the voters with more information about lobbying activity in the City Council and to ensure that there are no prior conflicts with my prior employer (which was at Constantinople & Vallone, a lobbying firm headed by former Council Speaker Peter Vallone, Sr.).

I make two pledges:
  • Eight-year firewall: As a member of the City Council, neither I nor my staff will have any professional contact with my former firm for the eight-year period (if I am lucky enough to be re-elected);
  • Maximum transparency: Building on the practice of Councilmember Dan Garodnick who discloses all contacts with lobbyists and organizations seeking budget funding, I will publicly disclose all professional contacts that I or my staff have with lobbyists on any topic.

This is my pledge to voters.


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