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New York City is facing a housing crisis that threatens families across the five boroughs. In Manhattan, the average rent has risen to $5,000. From Carnegie Hill to Stuyvesant Town, the battle to keep housing costs under control has hit a boiling point. 


That’s why I’ve been fighting to protect East Siders against outlandish rent increases, deregulation of apartments, discrimination, and hidden fees in the rental process. And, of course, ensuring that our community adds new housing to keep up the the soaring demand.


As a lifelong resident of the East Side, I have been on the frontlines of the battles for affordability. And as City Council Member, we’ve won big fights to keep tenants in their apartments and making housing easier to access.



  • Joining the Stuyvesant Town and Peter Cooper Village Tenants Association to protect rent regulation for every tenant;

  • Passing a historic rent deal to protect hundreds of seniors in Waterside Plaza from losing their apartments;

  • Pushing forward a new proposal in Midtown Manhattan to create new housing 

  • Creating new supportive housing in District 4 to help New Yorkers in need;

  • Pushing for rent freezes for rent regulated tenants during the pandemic;

  • Introducing legislation and advocating to end housing discrimination, addressing hidden rental fees, and making it easier to pay the rent;

  • Fighting for funding to support citywide tenant organizing groups to protect against speculation;

Public Safety and Quality of Life

As the city continues to recover from the pandemic, it's essential that we focus on ensuring that every New Yorker feels safe and that our city remains a world class destination for everyone. 

In order to create a safer city, we need to focus on enforcement of laws, particularly violent crime, while also ensuring that we offer individuals access to housing, mental health services, and more.




  • Supporting common sense gun reforms, including sponsoring new laws to make it easier to track illegal guns and to curb legal guns being carried into tourism destinations; 

  • Allocating funding to support new mental health and homeless outreach services in Midtown;

  • Expanding new trash cans in Sutton Place and Beekman Place, expanding pickup service on the Upper East Side 8, opening 3 new compost drop-off centers in Stuyvesant Town, Murray Hill, and East Midtown;

  • Funding new trash pickup and graffiti removal service throughout District 4;

  • Working with the local precincts to identity hotspot locations that need;

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